What is Grace to Cultivate LLC?

Zachary Middleton
2 min readApr 26, 2021


Grace to Cultivate LLC. is an imagination brand, that from a posture of gratitude seeks to use storytelling, ideation, and investment for the greater good.

This Limited Liability Corporation is owned and operated by fictional writer Zachary Delano Middleton.

Middleton began this company in an effort to interact with a dilemma. In light of his Christian faith, how should he use his gifts, abilities, and experience to cause positive growth and development within his various spheres of influence?

This business was crafted as a means to that end. Grace to Cultivate is an attempt to use his Christian ethic to instill positivity in the life of each stakeholder.

The business was formed on the principle that as human beings our talents and abilities are not solely of our own doing. Rather, the triune God, families, friends and communities have invested in us so that we may flourish.

As a farmer has been given rain and sunlight to cultivate fruit and vegetables. Likewise, a chef has been given those and other ingredients to cultivate an incredible meal. We as a company, in a similar fashion, acknowledge that we have received grace to cultivate in the areas of storytelling, ideation, and investment.

Books helpful in the construction of this perspective were The Holy Bible (Psalm 19, Romans 1, Acts 17), Martin Luther King’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”, Francis Shafter’s How then Shall We Live and Andy Crouch’s Culture Maker)

In conjunction with providing great products and services, we desire to be intentional about engaging underserved communities through charitable donations of time, effort, and resources. When we become financially solvent, we desire to both employ people at a livable wage and extend resources that will cultivate our staff if they desire to transition from our company.

The www.gracetocultivate.com website and digital brand is set to launch June 19, 2021.



Zachary Middleton

#ColumbiaSC based Young Adult Fiction Writer, Owner of Grace to Cultivate LLC. & aspiring foodpreneur (writes the Food Truck Startup Journal here)